Party Platters

Party Platter orders must be received seven days prior to your party by emailing or calling 613-581-7965

Fresh Vegetable Crudité

* Green Goodness Dip $32/ platter

50 Chicken Wings

With choice of three sauces: Hot, bbq, honey garlic, teriyaki, lemon pepper, cajun, suicide, hot honey cajun, sweet chili $39

Savory Meatballs

* Bacon wrapped Chicken Bites with Brown Sugar Glaze $38/ 2dz
* Curry Meatballs with Pineapple Glaze $38/ 2dz (Veggie option)
* Buffalo Chicken Balls $38/ 2dz

Mini Savory Tartlets 

* Smoked Salmon Mousse $36/ 2 dz
* Spinach and Artichoke Mousse $28/ 2dz
* Baked Brie and Pear Chutney $34/ 2 dz
* Chorizo Sausage and Pickled Red Onion $28/ 2dz (veggie option)
* Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese $28/ dz

Brie wheel, party platter

Brie Wheel 

English Ale Chutney, fresh baguette $45/ wheel


Three Cheese Board with Fig Jam and Baguette

Brie Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and Jarlsberg $79/ board (serves 30)

West Coast Smoke House Board 

Smoked BC Salmon, Spreadable Cream Cheese & Baguette $69 (serves 20) 

Prosciutto Wrapped Bread Sticks

Mozzarella and brie cubes, grapes and smoked almonds $28 (serves 20)

Chicken Taquitos (veggie option)

Fried mini tortillas stuffed with chicken, cheese, onion, and banana
peppers $49/ 2dz

Strawberry Feta Cheese Brushetta

Balsamic drizzle $28

(serves 20)

Fruit Platter

Assorted fruit, honey mint dip $42 

(serves 25)

Brie, Fig Jam, Prosciutto ham Cronstini

$28 (serves 20)

Mini Corndogs

Honey mustard dip $26 (serves 20)

Brie Wheel with English Ale Chutney and fresh baguette 

$45 (serves 20)

Buffalo chicken balls

$38 / 2dz